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Hopelessness. Anger outburst. Emotionally numb.

Trauma feels like you are all alone in this painful place of anger, rage, sadness, and a feeling of helplessness no matter how hard you try to overcome it.

You want to “get over it” and “move on,” but you’re not sure how…

You feel shame and feel weak for feeling this prolonged pain, and feel guilty for not getting better.

You soon resign to acting like “normal” on the outside and live in a war on the inside that is constantly reacting in a whirlwind of intense feelings of hopelessness within the body.

You may have had thoughts like...

  • “It’s my fault.”
  • “There’s something wrong with me.”
  • “I can’t handle this.”
  • “I deserve bad things.”

Our past continues to dominate how we act,  as our body remembers what it feels like and reacts when we get triggered. It becomes a vicious cycle of emotional chaos. 

But things don’t have to be this way. You can change the way you experience life.

With a little courage, we can visit the place of our pain together and gently attend to our wounded self. 

With tools and guidance, your innate strength will lead you to the path of healing and, at last, you can experience true freedom!

Therapy helps to understand our pain gently and kindly.

We provide a creative, safe place to explore the painful part of ourselves, the wounded child parts (fear, anger, sadness, insecurity), and gently sit with that  wounded self.

By sitting with it, we no longer fear it. And when we no longer fear it, the pain can disappear.

When that past pain disappears, you will often even feel physical reliefs (headache, chest pain, throat, jaw, stomach, shoulder, hand, etc.)

And you will find yourself no longer encountering the reoccurring problems that always seemed to trip you up. Your “self sabotage” will fade away.

As you process your traumatic events with therapeutic guidance, you will be able to observe and feel your wounded child’s innocent, pain-free, carefree smiles and, at last, experience freedom and hope.

It’s Time for Change

If you’re open to experiencing this journey of hope and curious about the process, we are here to help you on that path.

It feels like you are alone, but we will be alongside you on this journey.  We’re a team of trauma trained therapists who have deep experience working with our clients to heal their past trauma.

It’s what we specialize in, and what we can help you with.

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