Sundee S. Diviney, LPC

Sundee S. Diviney

Licensed Professional Counselor

She began her career working with Child Protective Services. Serving diverse and vulnerable child, youth, and adult populations have given her insight, understanding, and experience with the pain that mental illness means in this population. PTSD, sexual, emotional, and physical trauma, domestic violence, anxiety, disassociation, adoption, and foster care are a few of the ways that indicate life has been shattered.

Working in the “trenches of human misery” for so many years, and in so many venues such as hospitals, schools, courtrooms, private practice, community mental health offices, and client homes have provided evidence that clients can learn skills to cope with the pain; become adept at navigating socially and emotionally confident and self-assured when newly learned behavior and coping skills are applied. The aim is to prevent the exasperation of more serious mental illness and to achieve safety, increase the quality of life, and bring peace.

If you are seeking counseling, your view of your world has been turned upside down in a whirlwind of fear and anxiety. Chances are your heart has been chattered. I believe you can change, be happy trust yourself, and others and learn to cope, and gain insight to reclaim your life through learning self-care and resiliency.

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